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About us

Chicgrace is a fashion online store with more than 8 years offline fashion branch experience and business connections, Chicgrace has ensured fashion trend finders and high quality product providers. This makes our online shop grow rapid in short time. Now it's very famous all over the world.

If you are a website owner, a blogger, a social media publisher or an online forum operator, we would like to invite you to establish a long-term business relationship with us. There are two affiliate programs for you to choose from, and they are all free to join. You will receive the commission for every valid purchase ofour products made through one of your registered website/blog/social media.

What benefits can you get from our cooperation?

  • 6%-10% tiered commission rates
  • 30 Days Cookies
  • High conversion rate due to competitive prices and outstanding customer service
  • Monthly newsletter - stay informed of all the latest promotions


join our affiliate Program


promote for us by your own way


customers buy from our website through your promotion


get commission from Chicgrace

How to Join Chicgrace Affiliate Program?

  1. Step 1.Choose affiliate networks, then register or sign up as an affiliate or a publisher.
  2. Step 2.Search “Chicgrace” or our ID at affiliate networks.
  3. Step 3.Apply to join us and wait for approval.
  4. Step 4.Get the affiliate links to promote for us


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" If you have any question about Chicgrace affiliate program, please feel free to contact us:"